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References from our clients

“Thanks again for arranging the flight last Sunday.
Top crew. Nice aircraft.”

“It was a pleasant experience and definitely worth repeating.”

“Job accomplished !! Thank you for the support for the charter flight in such a short notice and all the hard work over the week-end !
We were very grateful that the permits could be obtained so quickly and we were very thankful for the immediate return flight.
It has been great pleasure working with Global Aviation on this assignment. Thank you very much for prompt support … it was outstanding !!”

“Top flight, beautiful jet, great service!!!
Greetings and see you next time.”

“The trip went very well. It was very special to do this with the kids this way!”

“I would like to thank you for the excellent service. Our trip has been a resounding success, and the flights between Rotterdam and Tarbes definitely contributed to that.”

A strong lady!

She was 82 years old, “Still going strong”, when she decided to go on a nice weekend out with her friends. Destination: a beautiful hotel in the French Evian, at the magnificent Lake Geneva. However, despite her vitality, she dreaded a long journey. Well, we wouldn’t be Global Aviation if we didn’t try to make the customers’ journey at least as much fun as their stay.
A car with chauffeur… to drive the ladies to the private jet terminal at Schiphol-East, of course. While our onboard guests enjoyed a nice glass of champagne, we landed a short time later at Geneva International Airport. Straight after arrival in Geneva we flew them by helicopter to the helicopter platform of the hotel. A wonderful weekend with something to look forward to… after all, she also had to travel home again!

Privejet verhuur

Emergency flight to the Netherlands

One day, Global Aviation was contacted by a family member of a patient. The patient was experiencing heart problems at his holiday address and was hospitalized. However, the patient wanted to be transported back to the Netherlands as soon as possible for further treatment, since he didn’t have much confidence in the local medical facilities. At the time, his insurance company didn’t want him to be transported and therefore Global Aviation was called in. After the approval of the attending physician, the patient was transported to the Netherlands the next day.

500 employees to Sicily, in one go!

An anniversary trip of a manufacturer. Destination: Sicily, with all 500 employees invited. Of course, the preference would be to keep all of them together. With Global Aviation, such a party begins before take-off. Global Aviation chartered a Boeing 747 from the French company Corsair in order to accommodate the entire staff. Of course, such a fun trip will only become a real party for your employees when you transition from one astonishment to another. This already started – before the departure – with a great buffet at the airport. On the beautiful Italian island, an incentive agency organized a spectacular party with renowned artists. If you want to impress people, everything has to be right, and all of your guests should be treated as VIPs. After three days, the company set foot again on Schiphol, very satisfied.

Privejet verhuur

The Chamber of Commerce…
speaking of loyal customers!

Global Aviation has been arranging flights for the Chamber of Commerce to the CeBIT, one of the most important IT fairs in the world, for 16 years!! What started with an 8 person Piper Navajo Chieftain, grew into 180 passengers on an Airbus A320 in those 16 years. Each year, the passenger list expanded and we were able to locate a suitable aircraft to accommodate them every time. Some good examples of the aircraft that Global Aviation can provide:

  • Piper Navajo Chieftain – 8 passengers
  • Beechcraft 1900D – 18 passengers
  • Fokker 50 – 50 passengers
  • BAe 146 – 95 passengers
  • Boeing 737 – 148 passengers
  • Airbus A320 – 180 passengers!!!

The fairy tale of the princess…
and the 20 suitcases!

Once upon a time, there was a pretty princess from Qatar, who really liked shopping in Europe. She preferred various capitals. Therefore, Global Aviation was contacted to charter a private jet for her. Global Aviation arranged a beautiful Falcon 2000, a luxurious twin-engine jet for 10 people, with extra loading space, because the princess had big plans.
As is fitting for a princess, her plane was right on time, fully fuelled, well supplied, and ready for takeoff. However, the staff was told that the amount of luggage was a bit more than planned. Twenty suitcases had to get on board, and we were told that they were not of the smallest sizes! Our suggestion to immediately replace the plane with a slightly bigger one was a bit too much, even for them. As a result, the princess and her purchases had to temporarily be separated by air and road transport, but eventually everything worked out well! As it should, right?

Privejet verhuur