Privejet verhuur

Special cargo flights are arranged by Global Aviation

If the usual cargo shipping services do not solve your problem because of time constraints, the nature of the cargo or if the final destination is hard to reach, a chartered cargo flight can be a good alternative.

Whether you have a package that weighs 5 kilos or a 100-ton load, Global Aviation offers you an aircraft that is tailored to your specific cargo with additional requirements.


Your cargo and the reason for a chartered cargo flight

Sometimes a document is so important that the normal (or digital) routes are insufficient. While you’re finishing the document, we will be ready for departure – with or without accompaniment.
A component of a machine has to be immediately transported from the Netherlands to Hungary because an entire production line has stopped. By using the right aircraft, the component can be on its way to the nearest (regional) airport within 2 hours. With our service, your plant will be running at full power in no time. In some cases, drawing up a cost-benefit analysis is irrelevant.

Extreme cargo flights?

On occasion, we have the time to view multiple flight options, but sometimes there is only one motto: to get from point A to B as fast, secure and as safe as possible! Extremely heavy loads? The Antonov 124 can carry approximately 120 tons with its 1000m3 volume. Cars, trucks, satellites, machines, anything you can think of…this aircraft has transported it.

vrachtvliegtuig huren

Airfreight transport!
The end justifies the means

Global Aviation has the necessary expertise in loading cargo flights, and has a very large fleet when it comes to worldwide air cargo transport. For this reason, we are a trusted partner for government and international freight forwarders. Airfreight transport requires specialized services. Of course, arranging a flight isn’t the only thing that needs to be done. Global Aviation doesn’t just regulate the ground support and the additional obligations, but also the communication during the entire process. So you can use our services for:

  • Heavy and extreme cargo
  • Rush orders
  • Remote or hazardous destinations
  • Humanitarian aid
  • AOG services